The aim is to create a network of naturist beaches across Sardinia, said Tedeschi. “That way we can create a circuit where [naturists] can find hospitality, and we can attract a very respectful type of tourism.” He said that unlike the clothed strips of the beach, where visitors often leave trash behind, “the area set aside for naturists is always pristine.”

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The idea is to increase tourism sustainably. “We have to have a cultural exchange – not big hotels, but small accommodation offerings that tell the story of the area. That can only happen if I greet the tourist in my home, feed them something I made – and this kind of tourism [naturism] is perfect for that. They are more in touch with nature.”

The area around San Vero Milis is up there with Europe’s most beautiful coastlines. There are nearly 17 miles of beach within the jurisdiction of the town itself. Is Benas and Is Arenas, the more famous adjacent beach, are backed by vast dunes and a huge pine forest behind them.

The second largest island in the Mediterranean, Sardinia is known for its pristine mountainous inland and its spectacular beaches, which devotees say are every bit as beautiful as bucket-list destinations like the Maldives.

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The island is also known for its archaeological remains. Down the road from San Vero Milis is Tharros, a still-standing Roman city dominating a thin peninsula, with ruins from the Phoenician and ancient Nuraghic periods. The area is also home to one of the most intriguing archaeological finds in Sardinia: the Giganti di Mont’e Prama, 28 “giant” stone figures of soldiers, archers and boxers, thought to have been carved by one ancient civilization before being ritually destroyed by the next.

As for what the marrying couples will wear – reports had stated that brides would have to sport a veil – Tedeschi said that it’ll be up to them.

“People can wear what they want,” he said. “As long as the principle is to affirm people’s freedom, it’s all good.”